What To Do When Choosing Your Wedding Dress

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If you’re feeling the pressure of choosing your perfect dreamy wedding dress, we’ve put together for you a guide of what to do and what not to do when choosing your dream dress. These tips will go a long way to keeping you calm and focused when choosing a dress off websites like frossweddingcollections.co.uk or from bridal shops around the country.bigday

  • Do wear your wedding underwear! If you’re able to, wear the bra and knickers and corset – if you plan to wear one – to your bridal fittings. Obviously this won’t be quite possible if you are browsing online but you can still imagine!
  • Don’t try on too many dresses. We told you in part one to try on as many as you like and this still stands but if you try on dozens of dresses you’ll only end up confusing yourself and getting all flustered when there’s no need.
  • dont forget that all wedding dress and accessory sales are usually final. No pressure right?! It’s a realistic reminder that you should stay serious in your wedding dress search and accessories. Most of those pretty fascinators are not returnable so spend your money on your accessories wisely. Websites online can offer you many choices on the accessories to choose from but try not to get bamboozled by beautiful crystal extras.
  • Don’t freak out about wedding dress sizing. Bridal gowns tend to run two or three sizes larger than your regular size. Once you get your head round that, be realistic. Pay attention to how it looks and not the sizing on the label. Labels are very psychological and if you listen to that you can really upset yourself for no reason.
  • Do ask lots of questions when you are trying your dresses on. You should ask the boutique owner and staff lots of different questions but also yourself. You want the dress you love to make you feel spectacular on your day but also it must be practical for the wedding you’re going to have. Do you feel confident? Do you feel comfortable but beautiful? Can you dance in your dress? Can you sit down? Are you self-conscious about any part of yourself in the dress? All these questions are so important for success on your wedding day. Although a gown may be elegant and breathtakingly beautiful, what good is it if you are trapped mummy-style all night?
  • Don’t feel like you have to bring an ooh-ing and aah-ing audience. We’ve all seen the bridal shops stuffed full of aunties, cousins and the best friends’ sisters’ cousins but it’s not necessary. The only approval you need is yours and maybe your mothers! Don’t feel the pressure to take a gaggle of giggling and emotional women with you who will all likely have different tastes and offer difference advice to give you. You’ll only confuse yourself!
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Make Your Wedding Invitations Shine

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The invitations that you have for your wedding day are sometimes the most important invitations you’ll ever compose. While it’s vital that they have all the information in them for the actual day, along with RSVP details, you will of course want elegance and grace. Hopefully you’ve had some planning help if you don’t have very many people in your bridal party and that’s where companies like www.beckymalephotography.com come in. The ceremony is booked, the reception is booked, the elegant canapes and sit down meal have been booked. You’ve picked the champagne and 462854364_ecc2f45dfb_oyou’re bridesmaids are thrilled to have been asked to stand with you on your big day. If you want to have a hand in organising the day, then hiring a company like www.beckymalephotography.com can really help. All the bigger things associated with the wedding of your dreams is sorted out but then there are the small things that are still waiting to be chosen.

The next thing you as the bride needs to focus on, is the wedding invitations. Simple wedding invitations that only list the ceremony and reception times along with RSVP details are quite popular in comparison to the small notebook some couples send out detailing everything from the fifteen flower girls to the menu at the meal. Simple is always effective, sophisticated and bound to bring a tear to the mother of the bride. When you choose the font for your invites, you can choose this yourself or have the whole invitation fully designed by a company instead. While this does cost a little more, companies who create wedding invitations are now more reasonable due to the level of work they receive.

Pretty wedding invitations that stand out can set the tone for the biggest day of your life. Wedding invitations can be expensive but sometimes it’s not the biggest consideration when it comes to getting them designed. You can use companies to help you design your own or you can simply choose off the shelf designs. Most of the time, engaged couples like to choose wedding invitations to match their wedding colours and then the design suits the couples’ style. Some wedding invitations have no frills and are simple.

Not necessarily plain as such, but clean and minimalist in style. Other wedding invites are fluorescent, eye catching and adorned in lace; actual frills! What you want to reflect isn’t just yourselves as individuals, but the new wedded couple you’ll become. Your colours and text should be elegant but bold and really show off your day in the best way. The better and more bold the invitation, the more excited your guests will be for you. There’s something so much more graceful in a full and proper wedding invitation with a quirky and unique style versus a round robin email! Alongside your invitations, your save the date is likely to match the colour and style of your invitation so that should be a consideration when it comes to design.

The order of service can be included in with your invites or just handed out at the start of the ceremony on the day of the wedding. Ushers at the doors of your ceremony whether that’s in a hotel, a church or a registry office are usually the ones to hand these out and check the RSVP lists to make sure that no uninvited guests attend.


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Ways To Enhance Your Hotel

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When you own a hotel business you need to be above the game and all other competition and the way to do that is to beat out the rival hotels in their offerings. Everyone loves a good holiday or weekend away and when it comes to going away, everyone looks for the most cost effective, attractive hotel. In the same way Marks and Spencers tend to beat out their competitors by packaging alone, you’ll be looking for an aesthetically pleasing hotel that looks amazing. It’s judging a book by its cover in the biggest possible way. There are so many things a hotel can do to make itself stand out and they don’t always have to cost a lot of money either. To that end we have put together this little guide for you so you can maybe implement these things into your hotel and thus gain more custom:

  • Animal shaped towels. Okay so we totally stole this idea from cruise lines but when customers walk into their room and see the amount of care 8that has gone into the tidying of their room it is so worth it. The animal-shaped towels are also a big hit with younger guests and guessing the next towel of the day is a fun game. It’s a talking point and what you want is guests to be talking about your hotel and all it can offer.
  • Decorative mirrors. Companies like aldgatehomes.com restore mirrors into window frames so investing one of these frames for your hotel can really make a statement and have guests talking. It’s something so unusual and therefore a talking point. Word of mouth really matters and review companies are very popular with potential holiday makers.
  • Recognise their important dates. So simple, so effective. When your guests make a booking, taking a note of the dates of birth of those in the room or asking for the reason of their stay and discovering one of your guests has a birthday or anniversary is a way in to make something special happen. Have a token gift in their room waiting. Yes this may involve a small cost but if your guest decides to book again with you and this is based on your attention to detail, then word will travel fast and you will be recognised for that!
  • Everyone has to eat and asking the guests their dinner plans is a great conversation starter. Don’t just big up your own hotel restaurant though, find out what your guest is up for that evening and if that doesn’t suit your restaurant’s menu you can be helpful and recommend a suitable eatery nearby.
  • Decorate! Dot beautiful vases stuffed with seasonal flowers around the hotel and make sure they are fresh. Lilies especially have such a distinctive aroma that you can smell it a floor away. How about funky hall mirrors? Ordering large mirrors from aldgatehome.com can expand the light and sense of space in otherwise narrow corridors outside rooms. All these little touches can show love and care have gone into thinking about your customer and their needs. These things make you memorable as a business, remember that!





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